Put Some Sparkle On Your Next Creation! Rhinestone Trims Are Not Just For Clothing

Are you a creative person looking for unique ideas for hand-crafted gifts? Want to make something that is elegant yet functional? Rhinestone trims are incredibly versatile, affordable, and easy to use.

The most common way to use rhinestone trims is on clothing and accessories (hats, belts, head bands and purses); they add a little bling to all things wearable! Trims can also be used in the place of plain ribbon to create an impressively wrapped gift or an unusual greeting card.

For those who don't like to sew or scrap-book (yes, we do exist!) rhinestone trims provide embellishments for a great variety of gift items or projects for yourself. Rhinestones come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and even patterns, so it is easy to find the right trim for any project; they help transform mundane into dazzling! Sometimes you don't need a length of fabric; single bows, or hot fix rhinestone appliques add a nice touch, and are simple to affix.

Some great pieces to adorn with rhinestone trims are: mirrors, jewelry or trinket boxes, picture frames, compacts, lighters, lamp shades, bulletin boards, and dog collars. Almost any unfinished wood knick-knack/useful small item is perfect to embellish; you can also create awesome holiday decorations and ornaments. Some rhinestone trims have multiple accents like faux pearls, sequins and beads--so elegant! A quick and easy way to interior decorate is to wrap a rhinestone trim around candle sticks, vases, ceiling fan blades, curtain rods, table legs, or anywhere you want to add a little extra visual appeal. 

When you are ready to start creating or decorating with rhinestone trim you will find an excellent selection at TrimCite, or you can contact us