Four Reasons Hot Fix is Guaranteed to Make You Smile

We're pretty sure that one reason for the internet is to make you smile. If not, then there are a lot of kitten pics out there with no good reason for being out there. But it's not just cats; there are also four reasons why hot fix should bring a smile to your face.

  • First : Something old becomes something new. When you get out your Iron Box and press it to the crystal side of a hot fix rhinestone piece, hold it there for a few seconds. Enjoy this moment. You are about to transform a tablecloth, a skating costume, a bridal gown or a prom dress into a new creation. Whether it's dressing up something that has been used before or putting a new take on a treasured piece of clothing, this kind of creative recycling is worth a smile.
  • Second: Originality. Mass produced clothing is a fact of life, and it is convenient. Imagine having to knit socks for your entire family! But the convenience shouldn't trap everyone into looking the same way. Standard items like black blouses, neutral skirts and even dress socks are rendered into original fashions depending on the type of hot fix design elements you incorporate onto the pre-existing fabric. Choose beaded rhinestones for a soft, delicate look. Larger pieces like rhinestone flowers are perfect for blouses and skirts while hot fix squares can enhance straight-edged garments. An original outfit is sure reason to grin.
  • Third thing: Puppy Bling. Decorate your canine friend's collar with hot fix rhinestones. If a sparkling puppy doesn't make you smile, then honestly, we don't know what will.
  • Fourth thing: It's addictive. Ask anyone who has Iron Box and tape, they can't seem to stop. Fortunately for those who can't get enough gleam on their textiles, rhinestone hot fix pieces attach to pretty much any fabric, from cotton to synthetics. Whether you are dressing up a tulle tutu or an old pair of corduroys, hot fix will be a creative option that keeps you grinning.

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