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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the benefit of creating an account?

A. Creating an account with us allows you to shop faster, and track and review your current and past orders. 

Q. How can I pay for what I buy?

A. You can pay by Mastercard, Visa or Paypal account. When you are ready to purchase, follow the steps, you will see the option for payment. However You do not need to have Paypal account, after checkout you'll see the option to skip Paypal and   pay directly from your Credit Card without creating a Paypal account.

Q. Will you store my credit card information?

A. We do not store credit card information, you will be redirected to Paypal and all the processing will take place over there.

Q. Is the payment secure?

A. You will be redirected to the Paypal to pay through your credit card or through your Paypal, which is highly secure and reliable gateway of payment.

Q. How long is a Yard?

A. 1 Yard = 0.9144 Meter

     1 Yard = 36 Inches

Q. What is the minimum order for any trim?

A. 1 Yard

Q. How does Reward Points system works?

A. Customers will earn special rewards points (every $10 of purchase, you'll get 100 points) which can be used to purchsae items free of $$$cost! Isn't that amazing?

     Every 100 points earned will be eligible to redeeem $1. The more you purchase, the more you earn points!

     Below is the list on how you can earn this points for free!

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Q. What is the shipping charge?

A. Shipping charges are as below:

Order Value Canada* USA*
$0.01-$29.99 $9.96  $20.96
$30-$49.99 $13.96 $23.96
$50-$74.99 Free $25.96
$75-$99.99 Free $26.96
$100-$124.99 Free $29.96
$125-$149.00 Free $32.96
$150 or above Free Free


Express/regular shipping is also available worldwide, please contact us for information.

* Shipping charge may be varied depending on location, weight and carrier.


Q. What is the best way to reach us?


A. Email : trimcitie@trimcite.com or call us at 514-385-1801