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About Trimcite

Trimcite is a trimming store situated at 1300 Rue de louvain O, Montreal, QC H4N 1G5 since 1992. Offering a vast of variety of unique trims from all over the world, we are well known in fashion world in Quebec, Ontario and also in the United States. The boutique is adorned by over 25,000 selections of trims in various size, multi colors and shapes. Trimcite is setup to provide service for both retail and wholesale customers. With the motto is to provide customer satisfaction, our team is always ready for every customer.

Trimcite co-operates with local and international manufacturers in being up to date with the newest trims and collections from their production. Moreover, we also can make the trims according to the customers’ design samples.

Trimcite also offers trimmings to the following businesses:

  •     Designers
  •     Dress-makers
  •     lingerie designers
  •     Manufactures
  •     Bridal Wear
  •     Movie stars
  •     Marriage Invitation Card Business
  •     Cake decorations
  •     Skating/Swim wear dresses
  •     Scrapbooking projects
  •     Candy wrapping baskets and more

Trimcite is a main supplier for film makers, fashion designers, interior designer, costume designer, dress maker supplies companies and Cirque De Soleil as well. "Lelievre", "Matteo Mio", "!Nu. I by Vickie", "Yves Jean Lacasse", "Mestizo Style", "Aime Com Moi" are some of our fashion designers customers. In addition, we also provide trims for handmade filigree designers, such as “Stella”, “Anne Marie Changnon” and so on.

All the year around we have new styles and products arriving at our boutique and at our website, we also produce custom orders for different business needs.

Present yourself at the store:

  1.     You always find something new and unique all the year round.
  2.     Satisfaction with our services.
  3.     We stand by our products and make sure they are in a good condition before they reach you.

Please join now, sign up and be a member of Trimcite to take all the advantages.

For more inquires or personal queries, please do not hesitate to send an email to trimcite@trimcite.com or call us at 514-385-1801.