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The Trimcite Wholesale made better! BETTER!

On any items - Get a special wholesale discount :

Plus Free sheeping to  USA/Canada also.

Just send us an inquiry for  special rates at trimcite@trimcite.com or call us at 514-385-1801


Your #1 wholesale source for buying trims!

Large local stock - over 20,000 different items.

Long lasting relationships resulting in a better delivery & pricing.

Site of the art facility provides :

  •      Faster order turn around
  •      Highly reliable service.
  •      Detailed knowledge of industry standards and capabilities.

Our mission is to provide the quality products.

We have latest trending designs of the season, and most of the items are in stock with supeiror quality. We provide on-time delivery anywhere in the world.

Again, for all your inquirie for wholesale prices, please email us with the item/style no at trimcite@trimcite.com or call us at 514-385-1801