Types of Guipure Lace

Guipure lace is a classic textile that lends a classic touch to any look. Dressmakers might use guipure to augment collars, hems, or cuffs. Unlike other types of lace, guipure is not composed of mesh or tightly woven netting. Instead, guipure lace is made with bars or plaits, giving this lace a courser and less subtle look. The history of this elegantly designed fabric exist as early as 1327 when it was listed by the clergy of Exeter Cathedral on their inventory.

Types of Guipure Lace

Guipure lace was named for its old method of construction: with a thicker thread or "gimp" that outlines a pattern. This word now means tape. Popular types of guipure lace are:

Genoese lace

Originating from Maltese lace makers, this lace would later go on to inspire English lace known as Bedfordshire lace.

Cluny Lace

This lace originated in France, but has since become popular in English lacemaking.

Maltese Lace

Maltese lace is usually made with the eight pointed maltese cross.

Guipure’s unique look can be credited to its construction. Unlike needle lace, guipure laces are made using a bobbin method, in which the lace is made with bobbins over long lacemaking pillows.

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