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Sewing Notion

At Trimcite, we have all the sewing notions which can be attached or sewn on a cloth, dress, fabric, etc.

Some of our most selling sewing notions are:

These items along with items made of Rhinestones, and other hardware can be applied through sewing or can be attached to the final products to decorate.

We're proud wholesale and retail supplier of sewing notion items from Montreal, Canada.  Please look through our thousands of sewing notions items. Our sewing notions items are sold worldwide for fashionable beadwork or textile closures.

We change our inventory of sewing notion every season and match it up with the latest trends. We have wide range of clients using our latest sewing notion such as: Designers, Dress-makers, lingerie designers, Manufacturers, Bridal Wear designers, Marriage Invitation Card Business designers, Cake decorators, Skating/Swim wear dress makers and many more. All these sewing notion items are sold at discounted rates on special occasion; we also have a Clearance section 365 days a year with discounted prices. Don’t forget to visit our web-store regularly.

Please take a note that we do produce custom build sewing notions items on request. We also take wholesale orders, don’t hesitate to send us an inquiry at trimcite@trimcite.com and we will get back to you with quotation and production duration. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority.